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Re: fossilization

>Another group of sources, albeit a technical source, is the literature on
>taphonomy, the science of burial and fossilization.  The main thrust of
>taphonomic research shows that, unless the corpse or bone is buried VERY
>quickly, you will not have anthing to fossilize.  In some cases, it is even
>faster than the 1-2 years mentioned above.

Any idea of how slow is too slow?  I have worked at a few quarries where the=
 individual in question is fairly complete, but has really fallen apart;=
 also, they are large animals.  This is not something that will be buried=
 quickly, unless there is a storm like you wouldn't believe (of which, there=
 is no evidence to support).  It seems to me that a stream won't cover the=
 critter that fast, perhaps taking longer than the 2 year max.


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