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>In a message dated 95-12-05 14:40:53 EST, Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)
>>Also, the alledged "hatchling Tarbosaurus" (in a Carpenter paper, noted
>>commun. Estes") turned out to be a new genus of theropod, Archaeornithoides!
>Now that's interesting, and news to me!
>This can't be the same one I saw in the guidebook, can it? I recall

There are some juvie (hatchling?) Asian tyrannosaurids, true.

However, when I wrote Estes about the "hatchling Tarbosaurus"
mentioned in Carpenter's paper (at the beginning of my work on theropod
morphometrics), he replied by saying that it was not, in fact, tyrannosaurid,
and sent me slides of the specimen. About five years later, the Wellnhofer and
Elzanowski papers came out describing Archaeornithoides, and lo and behold, it
was the same specimen!

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