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thinking ornithologists

One place where "anarvaez@umd5" or any one else might begin to get
a sense of the current thinking on the origin of birds is in Luis
Chiappe's article "The first 85 million years of avian evolution" in
Nature (378:349-355, 1995). Granted that much of it is a critical
discussion of evidence more recent than the origin, origins are in
fact discussed.
    There is  not 100 % agreement and the different camps remain vocal
(there were a series of lively discussions just over a year ago in Vienna).
And Feduccia's new book (Yale U.P.), will not be in complete agreement,
but Chiappe's coverage is extenaive and even handed.
     Ornithologists do think about these things. BTW, most of the more visible
ornithologists during the first half of this century were morphologists/
paleontologists (especially those at the major museums, but that is another
 (ornithologist, and proud of it!)