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I have read in a number of locations that the Kuehnosaurs (Tr reptile
lineage) had evolved flight, but then became extinct in the late Tr (or early
J depending on who you believe about the Tr/J boundary and the date for the
extinction) extinction event.  Let me ask several questions:
1.  Into what lineage do the Kuehnosaurs find themselves these days?
(has the name for the group remained the same or is it some new cladistic
2.  Did they indeed evolve flight?
3.  Did the lineage die out around the Tr/J boundary?
and if not, what are their more modern affiliations/surviving relatives?
4.  what are some of the key members of this group (i.e. species names)?
(this so i can continue to find them as the cladists reorg reptile evolution).

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