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> Pterosaurs are some of the most abundant and diverse tetrapods in the
> Solnhofen.  Some of the adults, and most (all?) of the juveniles were
> smaller than Archie.  Perhaps Archaeopteryx occassionally grabbed a
> pterosaur on the ground, just as small felids occassionally grab a bird on
> the ground?                                          (Tom Holtz)

I have a pretty lengthy soft-copy stating similar lying around (however, this
console has just chewed it up and spat it out, plus the printer ain't working
so I've lost the pre-indite) in which it is speculated that _A_ could have hung
around pterosaur nesting colonies/fishing parties, perhaps hassling pterosaurs
to disgorge catches, or alternatively catching pterosaurs themselves.
Terrestrial hunting of pterosaurs is also hypothesised, and analogies such as
caracal are used for terrestrial hunting, big gulls and false vampires for
aerial. There are numerous ifs, buts and so on, but the speculation is
interesting. Shall I post it?

BTW Tom, can we quote you on what you've said?

Incidentally, John Sibbick has done an illustration where a _Compsognathus_ is
about to start devouring a hapless disabled _Pterodactylus_. (And look in the
kiddie _Tyrannosaurus_ book with Sibbick's paintings: the guy working on the
Wankel skeleton is Mr. Sibbick himself).

"And, unless I am mistaken, that is a _Diplodocus_"