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Re: What Do Ornithologists Think?

In a message dated 95-12-05 19:22:30 EST, anarvaez@umd5.umd.edu writes:

>Would 9 out of 10 professional ornithologists agree that, cladistically 
>speaking, birds are dinosaurs? For that matter, would 9 out of 10 
>biologists concur with that assessment? (I'm a little too cynical to 
>think it would be 10 out of 10.)

Warning:  I am not an Ornithologist, professional or otherwise!

Whilst browsing a local bookstore a while back, I saw a large ornithology
textbook.  Wondering the same thing as Amando, I quickly looked to the
chapter on avian evolution.  I scanned the entire chapter (granted, it was a
very cursory scan - I was looking for a certain word...) and NOWHERE was the
word "dinosaur" mentioned!  The gist of the chapter was that birds evolved
from reptiles.  They mentioned stuff about archosaurs, but never dinosaurs.
 Curious, isn't it...?

Derek Smith.