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Re: BIG BUSTARDS! (is that a pun?)

>Of course, _Argentavis_ and other teratorns were bigger, and work out at around
>20-25 kg.. they could fly...  and then there's _Quetzalcoatlus_ of course.. of
>course... estimates for that aren't amongst the data to hand (called 'Darren's
>brain') but I'm guessing 60 kg??

   Andersen estimates the mass of Pteranodon at 15kg, 1 kg less than the
Kori Bustard.  Quezelcoatalus had a wingspan 5 meters longer.  One assumes
that the body and mass weren't proportionally larger.  Using Pteranodon as a
benchmark could put Quezalcoatlus' mass at the 20-25kg range.

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