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Dino-Frontline RIP

Sad to say, I received a letter today from Masaaki Inoue, editor in chief of
Gakken's _Dino-Frontline_ magazine, in which he tells me that the magazine
will cease publication with issue #13. (There is an outside chance that #14
will appear, but only an outside chance.) _Dino-Frontline_ was a marvelous
magazine with full-color illustrations of dinosaur fossils seldom seen
anywhere else. It was also a great venue in which I could publish some of my
semi-lunatic carping, and allowed many paleontologists to pick up some
much-needed spare change. Unfortunately, it never got into the black, and
Gakken had no alternative but to discontinue it. As the world's only
newsstand periodical devoted to dinosaurs, it will be missed.