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Re: Re: climbing t.rex

>     I thought that there was Albertoaurus and Tarbosaurus juvinile
>material.  The Tarbosaurus juvinile may have turned out to be 
>Maleevosaurus, but I thought I overheard Phil Currie talking about 
>known juvinile Albertosaurus material and how the long legs were probably 
>for outrunning adults.  I beleive he was suggesting this as possible 
>evidende for tyrannosaur predation.  Also, Norman's Encyclopodia of 
>dinosaurs has a juvinile reconstruction with super long legs.

That reconstruction (from Russell's 1970 paper on tyrannosaurids) was based
on extrapolation from the scaling of known specimens back to the
hypothesized size of the hatchling.  There was no real fossil on which that
speciment was based.

Also, the alledged "hatchling Tarbosaurus" (in a Carpenter paper, noted "pers.
commun. Estes") turned out to be a new genus of theropod, Archaeornithoides!

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