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BIG BUSTARDS! (is that a pun?)

> The heaviest flying bird, the Kori
> Bustard of Africa, is a pretty good-sized creature.   (Ronald Orenstein)

The greatest authenticated weight for a Kori bustard is 19 kg, and you can find
texts stating that this is generally reckoned to be near the maximum for a
volant tetrapod (read on). Another male has been _reported_ (i.e. not everyone
accepts the data as gospel) as weighing 21 kg, and he was too heavy to fly! (An
interesting situation: 'The heaviest flying bird reaches 21 kg, whereby it is
no longer a flying bird'). 

Of course, _Argentavis_ and other teratorns were bigger, and work out at around
20-25 kg.. they could fly...  and then there's _Quetzalcoatlus_ of course.. of
course... estimates for that aren't amongst the data to hand (called 'Darren's
brain') but I'm guessing 60 kg??


In the Mammal Encyclopedia (exact details not present in the bits I have with
me now), it says of binturong: 'Skulls of palm civets are also robust.... the
binturong having a particularly domed form; the primarily vegetarian diet of
this species is reflected in its flattened, straight canines, reduced premolars
(with one lower pair missing) and molars, and peg-like upper incisors'. In other
words, the carnassial shear is reduced - this critter has lost carnivorous
adaptations. As Ronald has mentioned, this animals has been reported swimming
and catching fish! This sounds crazy, but more specialized carnivorans,
including the Kellas cat, are known to do it too.

"If Tobamory hadn't been so clever with his paws, he could never have invented
it nor fitted it with draws"