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Re: climbing t.rex

> It would depend, I would think, on the relative lengths of the forelimbs and
> the hind limbs in the juveniles. Did _Allosaurus_ hatchlings and juveniles
> have relatively longer forelimbs than adults? How about tyrannosaurids? I
> don't think we have enough juvie material to tell.

     I thought that there was Albertoaurus and Tarbosaurus juvinile 
material.  The Tarbosaurus juvinile may have turned out to be 
Maleevosaurus, but I thought I overheard Phil Currie talking about 
known juvinile Albertosaurus material and how the long legs were probably 
for outrunning adults.  I beleive he was suggesting this as possible 
evidende for tyrannosaur predation.  Also, Norman's Encyclopodia of 
dinosaurs has a juvinile reconstruction with super long legs.

LN Jeff