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Re: BCF, BADD, etc.

Re: Bonnie's posting:

> Perhaps the best way to resolve this argument is to 

> let the next few years of fossil finds decide the 

> "winning" hypothesis and method.

What?! And miss all the fun of groundless speculation,  
clarification of pronunciation, and character assassination?

And, regarding Mickey's comments on my selflessly "flapping  
chicken" -- of course, he's right. But let me split hairs here.  
Several extant birds will fake injury to distract predators and  
lead them away from their nests. They don't usually have to die  
doing that, and who knows, maybe it is successful part of the  
time. Second, if a bird is associated with a group/flock, that  
group would usually contain many birds that share genetic  
material with the individual, not just a bunch of unrelated  

Kata McCarville
Colorado School of Mines