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Re: Re: cursorial flapping

>But, since Archy and Compsogathus are so similar in morphology, wouldn't it
make more sense if these two genera had a common ancestor, not to far back
(say, Mid-Jurassic or so).  This would put the origin of birds far from the

Actually, Archaeopteryx and Compsognathus are NOT that similar in
morphology.  The various Archie specimens put in Compsognathus were done so
because they were "featherless" coelurosaurs, and the only featherless
coelurosaur in the Solnhofen is Compsogntathus.  Not the best of logic, but
what can we do?

If they had been looking at the details, they might have said it was a tiny
dromaeosaurid, since they are so similar.

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