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Re: flights of fancy (or "I'm brave, but I'm chicken****")

In a message dated 95-12-04 18:05:08 EST, rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
(Mickey Rowe) writes:

>Boy this is fun!  It's not often somebody of George's stature tosses
>me something so easy to blow away!  Human swimmers shave every bit of
>hair from their bodies if they want to have any hope of winning
>olympic medals.  But wow, 25,000 species of fish tell us that you can
>swim fast even if you have things growing on your skin.  Pinnipeds,
>otters and a host of other creatures (including cetaceans which are
>NOT completely bald) testify to the same thing.  IMHO, you have to
>broaden your imagination a bit when thinking about what animals might
>or might not develop as adaptations.  Humans are poor models for a lot
>of things...

But in some ways, humans are very good models for bipedal cursorial
theropods! Certainly better than fish and other aquatic animals. Air is
nothing like water as a fluid through which a large, dolphin-size animal
might propel itself with fins. How does your comment blow me away?