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Re: Bipedal fighting sauropods

>Regarding comments on arm wrestling dinos.
>Actually, a number of sauropods - camarasaurs, the Chinese forms - have hip=
>that are rotated somewhat backwards. This means that the hindlegs would sti=
>work when the body was reared up (unlike diplodocids, which probably stood
>tripodally on their massive tails). These sauropods may have been able to
>walk on two legs, both to feed, and fight.

There may be a small problem with this idea, in that the sauropod hip may=
 not have allowd this.  If one rotates a sauropod hip so it is standing on=
 two legs, the head of the femur seems to be positioned right below a suture=
 in the hip bones.  This is not a very structurally sound arrangement, IMHO.


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