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Re: Re: Triassic birds

>Labeling something as speculative gets us no farther than we are. The BADD
>version of avian origins is more speculative than BCF; only more people have
>bought into it. Indeed, BADD is almost certainly wrong, BCF has a good chance
>of being right.

The dinosaurian ancestry of birds has been highly corroborated by a dozen or
so workers who have examined the primary evidence (i.e., fossils) in person,
using techniques which have withstood examination in groups of organisms
(insects, teleosts, mammals, etc.) with a much better fossil or modern
record than dinosaurs.  Given CURRENT evidence, it seems to better
approximate the true phylogeny than any other suggested model.

The BCF theory has not been subjected to the same tests, and as such, cannot
currently be evaluated with respect to the "standard model".  Until such
time, it can securly be labeled "speculative".

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