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> I think Bob Bakker may have done an illustration of this already: two
> fighting _Diplodoci_, maybe? But of course I can't find it right now among my
> references...                                                    (G.O.)

One of Bakker's most famous illustrations is of two _Apatosaurus ajax_ fighting
while in bipedal posture. The one furthest from our POV is rearing up tall, with
the tips of its fingers facing us and its thumb claws perpendicular to wrist,
the other is biting into this one's neck, leaning forward and breaking a sapling
in the process. It appears in Heresies and is also prominent in Czerkas and
Olsen Vol I 'Return of the Dancing Dinosaurs'. Numerous kiddie-book sauropods
now copy the pose of the taller individual, Graham Rosewarne (in Benton's 'On
the trail of the dinosaurs') has a largely hypothetical (equals, in this case,
unrealistic) cetiosaur doing it. So there you go!