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There's been a bit of talk recently about ratites evolving
flightlessness on islands etc etc.. in predator free zones etc etc..

The earliest true ratites of which I am aware (_Paleocursornis_ doesn't
look ratite to me, and, of course, _Patagopteryx_ is definitely not) are
from the Eocene Messel fauna. This was an area inhabited by large
hyaenodontid creodonts, vicious little miacids, terrestrial crocodiles,
_Diatryma_ and flying raptors!! Predator-free my ar*e!! Go figure (in
the words of a certain list member).

DCC convention on saturday was a real blast. I set those artists
straight on the carnotaur horns, oh yes! Only problem now is, were there
unguals on manual digits I-III?

"My first time... it was the back of a car. I thought it was a woman,
but it wasn't.. it was the back of car"

DARREN 'Only another 120 or messages to go' NAISH