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new refs.

Here are a few new ones:

JT Oklahoma geology notes.
DA OCT 01 1995 v 55 n 5
PG  187
TI Oklahoma Dinosaur Days - Acrocanthosaurus

JT Antarctic journal of the United States
DA 1994 v 29 n 5
PG   31
AU Hammer, W.R.
AU Hickerson, W.J.
AU Slaughter, R.W.
TI A dinosaur assemblage from the Transantarctic Mountains

JT Canadian journal of earth sciences.  journal can
DA SEP 01 1995 v 32 n 9
PG 1426
AU Smith, Patrick E.
AU Evensen, Norman M.
AU Russell, Dale
TI Dates and rates in ancient lakes: 40Ar-39Ar evidence for an Early 
Cretaceous age for the Jehol Group, northeast China

JT Episodes.
DA MAR 01 1995 v 18 n 1 / 2
PG   49
AU Yang, Zunyi
AU Sheng, Jinzhang
AU Yin, Hongfu
TI The Permian-Triassic boundary: the global stratotype section and point