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Re: cursorial flapping

In a message dated 95-12-03 23:47:02 EST, GSP1954 writes:

<< Unless positively identifiable bird remains start showing up in the
Triassic-Jurassic, the Chatterjee-Olshevsky hypothesis is speculative. >>

I would like to see birdlike fossils come out of the Triassic, but I don't
think they will (_Protoavis_ notwithstanding) because Triassic dino-birds
were nowhere near as birdlike as _Archaeopteryx_--which has on more than one
occasion been identified as a "real" dinosaur (_Compsognathus_). If anything,
they would have resembled small theropods with relatively large, grasping
tetradactyl forelimbs and well-developed retroverted halluces. I haven't the
foggiest idea what their "feathers" might have looked like; maybe we should
look at some Triassic leaf fossils to see whether they're been misidentifed