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Dino Notes

DISCOVERY CHANNEL had a fascinating film on THE LIZARDS OF OZ
(Lizards in Australia) on Sunday 3 December. They'll show it again.
The shingleback lizard mates for life (highly developed social
structure) and gives birth alive. Implications for Dinosaurs?
Another lizard (I missed the name) is the largest native Australian
predator. It has the ability to increase its body temperature by
burning food, making it sort of lukewarm-blooded and more active.
It is also regarded as the most intelligent lizard in the world.
Implications for Dinosaurs?
Check local listings for the next repeat. It's worth the watching.
ON READING BOOKS: I've always collected Dinosaur Books, but lately
have scrambled to get every one of them I can find. I have noted
that some dated in 1985 are really out of date and some in 1990
have some discrepancies. I'm sure other amateurs have noted this same
problem. What I found the best way to handle this is to keep the
Dinosaur Society Encyclopedia (DSE, the latest totally comprehensive
book) around while reading one of the others. Every time I hit a new
dinosaur name in the 'old' book, I look it up in the DSE to get a quick
update on any changes, new skeletons, new interpretations, etc.
This actually increases learning and understanding, and mines good
information out of older books without picking up 'bad data'.
A TRIP TO THE DENTIST: For a real 'trip', try taking a fossil dinosaur
tooth along with you on your next trip to the Dentist. The doc is,
after all, "into teeth" in a big way. Not only will it give you
something to talk about, but if your dentist is like mine you could
learn some entirely new things. Mine was able to tell me what the
dino ate and several other interesting things.