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Unusual taxa...

In what would be called my "spare time" if I had any, I have been
working toward a second baccalaureate in marine biology at San Jose
(California) State University.  In that context, yesterday I and some
friends were reviewing for the lab final in an upper-division
mammalogy class, and came upon a few taxa not in any of our books.  I
thought I would make bold to share them with you; it's enough to make
me greatful for two years of Latin in high school... (ob-dinosaur in
one of them, even so)

            Linnean Name                    Common Name
            ============                    ===========

    1) _Sciurus_arctos_horribilus_      the Grizzley Squirrel
    2) _Lasiurus_submariner_            the Squid-eating Bat
    3) _Myrmecophaga_enhydra_           the Pelagic Anteater
    4) _Loris_velociraptor_             the Fast Loris
    5) _Bos_smilodon_                   the Saber-tooth Cow (extinct)
    6) _Loxodont_pinnaptera_            (..."Dumbo"...)
    7) _Mirounga_pogo_                  (noted for nasigrade
                                         saltatorial locomotion)
    8) _Physeter_catenarius_             the Swaybacked Whale

                                                    -- Jay Freeman