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My take on the whole BCF v. BADD thing

Goodness, goodness.  I'm finally back to actually posting something on the
list after being gone (not really) for a long time (isn't filling out college
applictaions a royal pain in the ass?).

Anyways.... In my opinion, it is highly probable that there were quite a few
Coelurians (I will NOT say Coelurosaurians, especially sinse Coelurians is
more correct) that were small and partially arboreal.  Most of the fairly
small Coelurians we know of from fossils (_Compsignathus_ etc.) probably
spent a fair amount of time in trees and bushes anyways, I would assume that
even bigger Coelurians (_Utahraptor_ etc. spent time in trees too (heck I
can).  I believe that GSP hit the nail on the head in _PDW_ in his scenario
for the origin of flight in dinosaurs.  I believe that hair-like-insulation
(feather shafts basically) is ancesteral for Dinosauria + Pterosauria (I know
this has some God-awfull name I can't remember right at the moment), and that
feathers evolved from them in early Coelurians because they are better
insulators.  Also in my opinion, most Coelurians we have fossils of
(Dromeosaurines, Oviraptors, Avimimids etc.) are basically groundbirds that
descended from flying ancestors.  I believe this so, because these dinosaurs
have forelimbs which are basically big, clawed wings (not exactly but you get
my point).  Why should they have these forelimbs unless they evolved from
something that flew? If this is not the case, then our whole concept of
evolution is incorrect and Coelurians lived 100% of their lives on the ground
and were litterally waiting around so that they could evolve into birds.
 Right now, the arguments for the proto-bird lineage going much farther back
than Coeluria are not very compelling in my opinion.

Also, I think that _Archaeopteryx_ is in the same family as Dromeosaurs, and
is an Archaeopterygid.  Dromeosaurs are the ones being transferred into
another family.  I have no idea if Archaeopterygids are ancesteral to Avialae
or not, they're close to it though.

Just my thoughts.

"If they studdied their paper money for clues as to what their country was
all about, they found, among a lot of other baroque trash, a picture of a
truncated pyramid with a radiant eye on top.  Not even the president of the
United States knew what that was all about.  It was as though the country
were saying to its citizens, 'In nonsense is strength.'"

Peter Buchholz