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Having sex with your hands tied behind your back.

Responding to my suggestion that _Mononykus_ and _T. rex_ are using their
forearms to grasp mates and rivals by adduction, Ronald I. Orenstein writes: 

>>Thought experiment: clench your fists - or better yet, imagine your arms
had been amputated somewhere near the elbow joint - and try to pick up and
manipulate objects, grasp things (a mate if you have one handy, lucky you) or
even climb a tree.  Now imagine Mononykus doing the same things.  THEN tell
me how well the forearms of Monnykus  are adapted for grasping.<<

Well, I could not climb a tree, but then, neither could _Mononykus_ and Mr.
Rex, I suppose.  But I could steady myself over my mate, if I had amputated
forearms.  I'd adduct them, I would, like a good boy.

Lacking forearms, or tying them behind my back, leaves me much less steady,
especially if I'm doing it standing up, on one leg, bending over at the
waist, with a huge tail (not my own) blocking my way to what Solomon called
the [censored].

Who is the British professor who demonstrated this on stage with his wife to
the delight of his students? 

Why are they not dimorphic?  I can't say, except that perhaps there were
ritual dances for dominance involving females as well.  I've seen this at
weddings and one is always leading.