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Living in trees

James Norton writes:
>> if powered flight developed in a small arboreal
theropod as a means of jumping from lower to higher branches, then the long
limbs, long neck, and wide wingspan seem ill-suited to an environment of tree
branches.  It's crowded up there, and I can't imagine a full-fledged flyer
having enough room to develop the flight apparatus in such a confining
environment with the potential for collisions between a flyer and the
branches. <<

As I understand it deciduous trees were out and evergreens were in throughout
the Triassic and Jurassic.  If that is the case, as I've noticed with my pine
trees, there is lots of space within the branches and they are all arranged
horizontally from a central trunk, making the whole tree one giant ladder,
ideal for leaping from rung to rung (with a little flap added to increase
leaping ability and forestall inevitable crashes).