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Manus is 4th declension; most nouns in -us are 2nd declension.
The 5th declension includes words in -es like species, but not
all of them (pes--foot--is 3rd declension).  Octopus looks like
a loanword from Greek, since "pes" rather than "pus" is the Latin
word for foot.  (The Greek for octopus is "oktapous" pl. oktapodes).
There's a whole series of such words in -pous, of which "tripous"
and "tetrapous" have given us the words "tripod" and "tetrapod."
Sauropod is a comparable formation but a modern coinage.

More pedantic than "octopodes" would be "rhinocerotes" as the
plural of "rhinoceros" (our word is simply the transliteration
of the ancient Greek word for the animal).

George Pesely
Austin Peay State University