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Re: Pterosaur origins (was BADD BCF)

In a message dated 95-12-02 15:48:45 EST, ornstn@inforamp.net (Ronald
Orenstein) writes:

>GO writes:
>>If anything, the pterosaur fossil record is even worse--equally bad in the
>>sense that the transitional forms just haven't been recognized. But their
>>fossil record also hints, for example, that pterosaurs aren't the
>>we all thought they were (shudder).
>This is news to me.  Details?

At least one respected German paleontologist suggests that pterosaurs were
derived prolacertilians and not "normal" archosaurs at all. He cites, among
other things, tribosphenic teeth in the eudimorphodontids as a synapomorphy.
Dave Peters should be able to tell you more about this aspect of pterosaur
phylogeny; he's more up on it than I am.