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Re: bcf vs. badd

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995 DSmith0531@aol.com wrote:
> Well.  How about this:  since these proto-birds were probably carnivorous,
> what if _they_ were the predators that some other poor creature was taking to
> the trees to escape from?  The proto-birds might follow them up (gradually
> becoming more and more adept at doing so, or perhaps, they already were
> adequately equipped).  The prey-critters, seeing that merely taking to the
> trees was not enough, might have taken to the jumping around in the branches
> hypothesised for the proto-birds as an escape mechanism.  The proto-birds
> then might have learned to fly/glide/whatever in order to catch these agile
> little critters, be they bugs, lizards, mammals or whatever.
> Derek Smith.
        The theropods were going after pterosaurs nesting in trees. 
        Now we just have to figure out why pterosaurs went up there.