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Re: T-rex arms

>Jeffrey Martz writes:
>>>  Tyrannosaurids and Mononykus didn't have any opposable fingers.  The only
>way for them to hold on to something would be to puncture it with thier
>claws.  This is why I've never cared for the sex grapple idea, unless they
>were really kinky or something.  -- LN Jeff<<
>Adduction, Jeffrey, adduction brings the claws together under the neck, as in
>climbing pterosaurs.

Thought experiment: clench your fists - or better yet, imagine your arms had
been amputated somewhere near the elbow joint - and try to pick up and
manipulate objects, grasp things (a mate if you have one handy, lucky you)
or even climb a tree.  Now imagine Mononykus doing the same things.  THEN
tell me how well the forearms of Monnykus  are adapted for grasping.
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