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Re: bcf vs. badd

GO writes:

>This strikes me as the key reason to build nests in inaccessible places
>reachable only via specialized anatomical adaptations. It's an aspect of the
>escape-from-predation problem I hadn't previously considered. And cliffs or
>trees serve pretty much the same function in BCF, even though I use
>"arboreal," I could equally well use "cliff-dwelling" or some high-falutin'
>word that simply means dwelling in high places, like "acronomic." Hey, that's
>pretty good...

Remember that flight can help you reach inaccessible places without
involving trees or cliffs - it is a great way to reach small predator-free
islands, a strategy used by many seabirds, nutmeg pigeons etc.

Could the Archaeopteryxes (Archaeopteryges?) that drowned in the Solnhofen
been on their way to, or from, an island nesting colony?
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