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Re: bcf vs. badd

Derek Smith wrote:
>Well.  How about this:  since these proto-birds were probably carnivorous,
>what if _they_ were the predators that some other poor creature was taking to
>the trees to escape from?  The proto-birds might follow them up (gradually
>becoming more and more adept at doing so, or perhaps, they already were
>adequately equipped).  The prey-critters, seeing that merely taking to the
>trees was not enough, might have taken to the jumping around in the branches
>hypothesised for the proto-birds as an escape mechanism.  The proto-birds
>then might have learned to fly/glide/whatever in order to catch these agile
>little critters, be they bugs, lizards, mammals or whatever.
>This scenario would seem to work for both BCF and BADD.  And, it does, to me
>at least, provide a reason for them being up in the trees to begin with!
>Or am I way off...? :o)

You anticipated my most recent idea, but I'll go ahead and say what I was
going to say.

Note: The following is not bunk, but rather conjecture, not necessarily
supported by references. Professional Discretion is advised.   

IF Archeopteryx is a theropod( ancestor/descendant), then it is quite likely
that it was carnivorous (and not just insectivorous).  If this were the
case, then adaptations for flight would have extended its hunting range
significantly.  Whether it was a Ground-Up or a Tree-Down carnivore is
essentially immaterial to the argument of predation.  I can picture a
smallish theropod with well established grasping mani suited to both
cursorial and arboreal ambulation.

I have absolutely no idea whether feathers came first (FCF[tm]) or feathers
developed after (FDA[tm]), but to presume that birds were defenseless
targets somehow trying to escape the dread Red Queen is nothing but quaint.

Never leave a conversation without asking a question-  can someone provide a
list of known Solnhofen flora?


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