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Re: Fact, opinion or just BUNK?

    I sympathize with Ken, but I agree with George. Nevertheless, I'm 
willing to include a disclaimer along with anything I might post. 
    Some postings *elsewhere* might be pure bunk, but I don't believe I've 
seen such postings here. I've seen, read, and considered sincere opinions, 
ideas, and thoughts for discussion here. I've seen honest questions and 
honest, considered, and thoughtful responses to these questions.
    Before all-too-quickly dismissing someone's ideas as bunk, I take a deep 
breath and fondly remember my geology professors at Michigan State, who 
sneered at Wegener's "ridiculous" theory of continental drift.
    Nevertheless, where data are lacking and only inferences can be drawn, 
it behooves us responsibly and clearly to state that our contributions to the 
discussion are based upon personal judgments. Frankly, so far, I've not seen 
*anyone* violate this ethic. However, like Ken, I am keeping my wits 
sharpened . . . and I hope never myself to transgress.

    > When I was a kid of age 9-13 seeking knowledge in the library, 
    > nobody was
    > there to guide me through the BUNK to the GOOD STUFF.

    There still isn't. Furthermore, here, on Florida's Space Coast, within 
mere miles of Space Shuttle launches and breakthroughs in computer 
technology (check out the lastest issue of _Discover_ magazine), surrounded 
by the epitome of late-twentieth-century high technology, I find myself daily 
dealing with questions from the public that bespeak an abysmal lack of basic 
scientific concepts. [Example (from a question someone called in to the 
planetarium today): Is there anyone on this list who *doesn't* know that the 
Moon sometimes is visible during the day . . .  and why? E-mail me 
privately, and I'll be happy to explain.]
-= Tuck =-