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Re: bcf vs. badd

In a message dated 95-12-01 20:12:44 EST, kmccarvi@basalt.Mines.EDU (Kata
McCarville) writes:

>What about egg predation?  Animals who could utilize more secure  
>nest sites (maybe trees, of course, but what about cliffs and  
>such) would be able to produce more descendants. Maybe flight  
>evolved not in forests, but along cliff faces.

This strikes me as the key reason to build nests in inaccessible places
reachable only via specialized anatomical adaptations. It's an aspect of the
escape-from-predation problem I hadn't previously considered. And cliffs or
trees serve pretty much the same function in BCF, even though I use
"arboreal," I could equally well use "cliff-dwelling" or some high-falutin'
word that simply means dwelling in high places, like "acronomic." Hey, that's
pretty good...