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Re: Fact, opinion or just BUNK?

In a message dated 95-12-01 18:10:57 EST, kferrant@njlink.pppl.gov writes:

>SO... maybe... we ought to take a few extra minutes (if necessary) to
>read... and reread the text we are about to post to the list.  It probably 
>wouldn't hurt if we double checked to be sure that our content has been 
>properly identified as theory, fact, opinion... etc.

I'm not so sure that this is _really_ necessary.  First, as George pointed
out in another message, if posters take the time to qualify _everything_ they
say, the message tends to wind up getting lost in the qualifiers.  
I think that what is probably more important is the ability of the readers to
do some critical thinking and form their own opinions.  VERY little of what
gets said here is not, at some point, greeted with "Uhhh...no" (or words to
that effect).  For every point, there is usually a counterpoint.  Just go
back and read through the ongoing Olshevsky vs Orenstein debate (which, by
the way, I find VERY intriguing)!  While what any given person says may be
accepted BY THAT PERSON, it is obvious, just by reading through the follow-up
posts that such views are NOT taken as gospel by everyone else.  When we
agree, we say so.  When we don't, we also say so.  It is important to realize
that there is a good deal of speculation that goes on here, but that is how
many actual theories start - "what if...."
While it is unfortunate that some people (old and young alike) take what
Hollywood gives them as "truth," I don't think that anyone on this list is
giving out "bad" information.  We would be in _real_ trouble if everyone
started agreeing on everything!  That is when idle speculation starts to take
on the nature of "truth."  But, again, little of what is said here goes
unchallenged.  And that is the way it should be.

Just my two scents worth...<sniff>

Derek Smith.