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Re: Fact, opinion or just BUNK?

> [snip] Many ARE able to
>'filter out'the facts and near-facts from the bulk of speculation,=20
>opinion and fantasy, but some ( as I have observed in classroom situations)=
>seem to take what's written here as fact (or truth) and pass it on to=
>as 'real' or factual, when often, there is little or no basis in fact or=
>to substantiate what's been written.

True.  However, posts rarely go unchallenged here.  If I have any=
 suggestion, it is to pay attention to the threads that have quite a few=
 people (or posts) contributing to the discussion, for these are the most=
 informative and (probably) accurate.  I suspect that we come the closest to=
 understanding the topic under these conditions.


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