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>Indeed, they almost certainly _do not_. Just like the secondarily
>"flightless" (for want of a better term) _Deinonychus_ probably didn't much
>resemble the ancestors of its common ancestor with _Archaeopteryx_.

Can we say "possibly" secondarily flightless?  "Allegedly" secondarily
flightless?  Secondarily flightless  according to George Olshevsky and Greg
Paul (and ANYONE else???)?  This is certainly not generally accepted as far
as I have ever heard.

i don't mean to nitpick this to death but obviously this list is read by
many non-scientists (including school children) who may be encountering
these messages for the first time and treat statements like the above as
though they were proven facts.  I think it behooves us to label hypotheses
or personal views, or we will be behaving no more responsibly than the
writers of Jurassic Park who have now convinced a generation of filmgoers
that T rex's vision was based on movement and Dilophosaurus spat poison.
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