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Re: Archy's bones

In a message dated 95-12-08 00:34:24 EST, PWSPARKS@aol.com writes:

>Therefore I think that some one looking at the original would be able to
>determine if my sights (insights) are viable. Actually I had noticed these
>characteristics before reading Tom's comments and I just thought every one
>knew these bones were hollow. Dumb huh?

Larry Martin took me by surprise when he told me Archy's long bones weren't
hollow, back at the SVP meeting in Lawrence, Kansas. I thought that their
hollowness (a la avians in general) was a basic piece of information that
everyone knew and took for granted. Much as I would like to visit London and
Berlin, this is impossible right now, so I would like to have this seemingly
basic factoid confirmed. Are any of the Archy limb bones hollow? Which ones?
Maybe I should go read De Beer's monograph more closely.