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Re: More Bird origins: ignore if you wish...

In a message dated 95-12-07 22:36:17 EST, ornstn@inforamp.net (Ronald
Orenstein) writes:

>>Reduced forelimb size is also just such an adaptation, compensating for
>>forelimbs that would have been much too big and too much in the way had
>>maintained their arboreal relative size in the cursorial forms (the
>>were reduced even in _Deinocheirus_; either that, or it was one odd-looking
>I thought Tom Holtz strated that forelimb size was NOT reduced in many

As I pointed out earlier, "reduced forelimbs" is shorthand for "ratio of
forelimb length to hind limb length decreased"--it's the hind limbs that
became longer, you might say, which accomplished the same purpose that
straightforward forelimb reduction (which also occurred, by the way, in many
if not most of the maniraptoran lineages) did.