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Re: Dinosaur article

In a message dated 95-12-08 04:23:19 EST, jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)

>>How can Darwinian paleontologists be so "certain" that dinosaurs did NOT
>>die in agony? Were they there to see any of them die?
>   What evidence is there that they *did* die in agony?  Bottom line is that
>there is a huge body of evidence that supports the principle that the "death
>pose" is post-mortem drying of ligaments.  To my knowledge there wasn't a
>huge body of evidence for the sun revolving around the earth, it was merely
>an assumption believed by all.  It took Galileo making the first serious
>studies of the universe to begin to unravel that belief.  I also seem to
>recall that despite the outcome of Galileo's experimentation, many of which
>were carried out before the disbelievers, and a sizable body of evidence,
>people still refused to believe.

Lots of dinosaur skeletons are found in poses other than the drying-ligament
death curl. It all depends on the taphonomic details. Maybe all the dinosaurs
died in agony (poor things), death curl or not. What does this have to do
with anything?