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>       Bakker thinks that Othnielia and his pet dino Drinker (relatives of 
>the hypsilophodonts, 5-6 and 2-4 feet respectively, Late Jurassic of 
>Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah/ Wyoming) were 
>both arboreal forms. He cites a large, opposable first toe, and noted 
>something about the ankles- I think it was that they could rotate. I'm 
>guessing that he was speaking about the reversible ankle thing.
>       I just checked out the ankles for myself, right out of my window. The 
>squirrel's toes end up pointing directly out to the sides. 
>       Am I right in remembering that some pterosaurs also have reversible 
>       -nick L.

I don't know, but what about bats?  They must have some sort of odd leg
modification to permit them to hang head down.
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