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Re: The Two Principal Dinosaur Clades Defined

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> Cladistically, the proto-birds, dino-birds, or small arboreal
> dinosaurs--whatever you'd like to call them--would _all_ be dinosaurs--as are
> birds themselves--being members of the clade Dinosauria: descended from the
> last common ancestor of _Megalosaurus_ and _Iguanodon_. The way I redefine
> Aves, however--as the clade of all dinosaurs closer to _Megalosaurus_ than to
> _Iguanodon_--would also make avians out of proto-birds, dino-birds, small,
> arboreal dinosaurs, and all known theropods, including birds. And just to
> make the picture _almost_ complete, the clade Phytodinosauria is defined as
> all dinosaurs closer to _Iguanodon_ than to _Megalosaurus_.

        What's the consensus (or the arguments) on where sauropodomorphs 
fit in? Are people pretty much agreed that they are closer to Iguanodon, 
or if not, why not?