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Re: Heterochrony

In a message dated 95-12-09 22:46:12 EST, zooamy@zoo.latrobe.edu.au (Adam
Yates) writes:

>Not exactly, the nomenclature surrounding the evolution of ontogeny 
>(heterochrony) has been confused but the classification of heterochronic 
>processes put forward by 
>McKinney and MacNamara is the best, and seems to be the 
>most accepted one. In this scheme Paedomorphosis is the general effect of 
>retaining juvenile characters into adulthood. This effect can be achieved 
>by a number of processes, one of which is neoteny (retarded rates). In 
>other paedomorphic processes (progenesis and postdisplacement) the ancestral

>rate of ontogeny is retained but the time of ontogeny is shortened.     

Not surprisingly, the nomenclature of heterochrony has undergone some
evolution since I last read up on it. Can you supply the McKinney & MacNamara
reference, please?