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RE: dinosaur models

The Battat models are far better in detail and pose. There is really no 
comparison, especially in the T.rex, Triceratops and Diplodocus(really 
great!). On the other hand, there are a number of animals in the Carnegie 
series not available at this time from Battat. Some Battat models are a bit 
unstable and may need the addition of a base to display well. Fort example, 
the Utahraptor and Ceratosaurus could use a base. The T.rex is made of vinyl 
that is a bit soft, and lets the figure fall because of it's own weight. I 
drilled a hole up the leg and inserted a wire to reinforce the leg. That 
worked fine. Otherwise the model is very accurate for it's price and scale.

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From: dinosaur
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: dinosaur models
Date: Saturday, December 09, 1995 8:06PM

I have been 'lurking' on this list for quite a while and have
found it very informative, interesting, and entertaining.  All in
all an extemely good list!

My questions are about the Carnegie models.  How do they compare
with the new Battat/Museum of Science series?  Are they accurate in
form and poses, well painted and durable?

A store near where I live has the Carnegie models, but I would
like to know a bit more about them before making any purchases.

Any information from other model collectors on the list would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Lora Nelson, from cold and snowy Toronto, Ontario.