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Re: Let's ignore the yahoos

Dr. King is partly right- formal public debates with the creationists are a
waste of time and exist only to provide the creationists with "entertainment."
However, scientists should never miss the chance to answer the creationists
when they appear at school board and textbook hearings. It is a shame that more
scientists are not familiar with the antiscience/political threat posed by the
creationists.  Unfortunately, many in the scientific community have the
attitude that "the truth will win out eventually" and ignore attempts by
creationists to water down the teaching of evolution or provide equal time
for fundamentalist nonsense.  These same scientists are often perplexed to
learn that their students believe all sorts of crazy things about dinosaurs
and humans living contemporaneously. Scientifically literate people should also
be answering creationist letters-to-the-editor in their local newspapers.
To ignore the creationists will be to allow their political influence to grow.


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