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>       Anything unusual about the skeleton? I've heard that the 
> titanosaurs had extra hip vertebrae, similar to the ankylosaurs (possibly 
> for the same reasons, to help carry all that damn armor plating). What 

     Do you mean that the sacrum has been expanded to include more dorsal 
and caudal vertebrae? 
    Also everyone, I'm looking for references for the following dinosaurs 
published more recently than DINOSAURIA:
1) Herrerasaurus
2) Euplocephalus
3) Anatotitan
4) Shunosaurus
     Doug McLemore and I are planning on working on his DinoPages 
website down here in Fort Collins this January.  This website (we plan) will 
offer basic info (formation, location, age, holotype, good 
specimes etc...) on dinosaur genera and species, a brief summary of the 
genus (and/or species if there are more than one), a couple images 
(Ideally, a skeletal reconstruction and photos or diagrams of the holotype, 
possibly a resoration as well), and (best of all) as complete a listing of 
technical papers on the genus as is feasable (I was originally going to 
include Archaeopteryx in the above list until I got an idea how many 
papers had been published on it).  This would hopefully be a 
living document,like the dinosaur genera list.  We are doing the above 
four genera just to kick things in an attempt to get people interested in 
reasearching genera to help us out, since calling this is an ambitious 
project for two people  (or a hundred, for that matter) is a gross 
understatement.  Hopefully, when people get an idea what the DinoPages 
could be, they will chip in.  IF YOU DON'T OR CAN"T RESPOND TO THIS 
home for Christmas and am going to unsubscribe until I get back.
     I'd also appreciate any comments on your opinions about the 
feasability  of this project.  Were not writing term papers on 
the genera, just some essential information and references to 
make this thing usefull for professionals and semi-professionals 
who want to know a little bit about so-and-so species and where to go for 
papers, but its still an ambitious project.  Just look at the 
genera list for God's sake.  Speaking of God..
     Since I've got dino material in this message:
I've heard people say that evolution does not belie the existance of 
God, because God may be directing or involving himself in evolution.  This 
argument seems to me to be implying that divine intervention is an 
acceptable alternative or supplement to Darwinian natural selection.  
I've never seriously considered  this argument is anything but an attempt to 
placate religious people who feel evolution is a threat to thier beliefs.  
Whether a god exists or not, there is no reason to beleive 
he/she/(probably IT unless you can think of some reason an omnipotent, all 
powerful being would require sexual organs)  has ever involved itself in 
evolution.  Read a little S.J. Gould for perspective on the undirected nature
 of evolution.     

LN Jeff