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Re: Let's ignore the yahoos

Ignoring creationists would be the worse thing to do. Creationists would
regard it as a victory and feel that they then have the right to go around
preaching their lies. Battling creationists does take some time and it is
not for everyone but ignoring the problem won't make it go away.

I never expect to convert a creationist. What I try to do is show those who
have little knowledge of the debate and are fence sitters, what the
evidence is for both sides (none for creationism) and how creationists
twist science to their own ends. I feel that one thing that must be done is
to attack the scientific beliefs of the creationists. In most debates it is
the creationists attacking Evolution without offering any evidence for
their side. Challenge these idiots to show research supports their
position, by alleged creation scientists, that doesn't rely on misqouting
previoulsy published material. They won't bacause they can't. Do not let
them get away with this.

Promoting science in the popular press is one way to counter creationists
claims. The Time article on the Cambrain explosion was a good example of
how this can be done. More needs to be done. A period of quiet the
Christain right is on the move again. So far, Pat Buchanan is the only
presidental candidate to publicy profess creationism. As for the others who
know. Yet the Republicans are courting the Christian right. I don't think
it is too paranoid to suppose that creationism is on the agenda somewhere.

Why we all can't run around defending science against these cretins we
shouldn't ignore it. If we do, when we pull our heads out of the sand it
will have gotten quite dark.


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