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Re: Let's ignore the yahoos

At 12:39 AM 12/12/95 -0500, you wrote:

>My point was simply this: There cannot be, never has been and never will be
>a "Darwinian Palaeontologist" as opposed to an "Evolutionary
>Palaeontologist" (of which there are many and I count myself in their
>ranks). An evolutionaty palaeontologist can observe evolutionary changes
>through the fossil record and formulate evolutionary hypotheses to explain
>observations from the fossil record. However the term "Darwinian
>Palaeontologist" would imply that this practicioner observed and used
>Darwinian evolutionary theory (ie natural selection) as the basis for their
>science. I would challange anyone to demonstrate any Darwinian phenomenon
>observable in the fossil record (overproduction of young, competition among
>siblings, the struggle for survival and the selection of the fittest can
>not be observed in the fossil record).
        This is a VERY important distinction.  In fact I just today had a
discussion with a creationist where he tried to use this very argument
against me ie. since we cannot have observed the event, we cannot prove it.
This is of course nonsense as  your distinction points out.  As Evolutionary
Palaeontologists we can accept the information in the fossil record as fact
and go from there.  It is the duty of any scientist to debunk and correct
such fake "science".  As others have said, it takes time and effort, but to
convince those on the fence we must reach out to them to keep the world from
sliding back into the dark ages.  The religious right is not going to stop
and is slowly gaining strength, if we want to see science go forward without
unjust shackles on it we have to be just as active and involved as they are.
(now climbing down from the soap box)
Have a good day,
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