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shameless self-promotion, cont.

For anybody interested in my $0.02 on the question of why many dinosaurs got
to be so big, I can now announce the publication of J.O. Farlow, P. Dodson,
and A. Chinsamy, 1995.  Dinosaur biology.  Annual Review of Ecology and
Systematics 26: 445-471.  This paper reviews the evidence and reasoning
involved in the reconstruction of dinosaurs as living animals, and then
goes on to focus on particular aspects of dinosaur biology: reproduction,
growth rates, and body size distributions in dinosaur as compared with
mammalian and therapsid faunas.  There is lots of vigorous arm-waving
about metabolic rates and even (to make sure all the sexy hot buttons get
pushed) the greenhouse effect.
     Those of you who are professional paleo types, Dodson has reprints of
the article, and will be mailing them with some of his recent pubs in a
couple months.  If you aren't on Dodson's mailing list, and don't have
access to a university library that carries Annual Reviews, then (I'm
probably going to regret the following rash offer) send me an email message
with your snail mail address and I'll send you a photocopy.
      Maybe my fears that I will be inundated with requests are groundless,
and nobody will want a copy of the article.  Maybe I'm kidding/flattering
myself.  After all, I have the dubious distinction of having published a
paper on endocranial casts of Eocene catfishes for which I received NOT
ONE reprint request!  I had to include them with other reprints, wedding
and Christmas gifts, and baby shower invitations to get rid of the blasted
things.  (bit of an exaggeration there, maybe--but not much)