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"C"reationism vs "S"cience [[was Re: Jurassic Park exhibit]]

I recommend the Skeptic mailing list for discussion of the arguments imbued in
those who capitalize creationism and science.  Other threads include general
paranormal, accuracy in media of scientific studies, electromagnetic effects
on plants and animals, and UFOs/ball lightning/weather phenomena.

Please email me privately for subscription instructions.


Terry W. Colvin <colvint@fhu.disa.mil>
Fort Huachuca (Cochise County), Arizona USA
"No editor ever likes the way a story tastes unless he pees
in it first." -Mark Twain

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Subject: Re: Jurassic Park exhibit
Author:  rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu at smtp-fhu
Date:    12/12/1995 12:55 PM

Before getting into something more related, I'd like to say ix-nay on 
the eationism-Cray.  It made sense for Jeff P. to ask people to check 
him on his dinosaurian facts here, but on this list we really 
shouldn't be talking about creationism in general.  There are better 
fora for such discussions.

<<mucho commentary snipped>>