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Great review Mickey, bummer nothing that good ever happens this side of the
Atlantic (ooh - - some robot dromaeosaurs at the BMNH... big scaley deal!).
> On the nit-pick side, Steve didn't notice that the embryo storage unit
> had Tyrannosaurus and Baryonyx spelled "Tyranosaurus" and "Baronyx"
> respectively.  I don't remember seeing those typos in the movie (did I
> just hear the sound of 400 tapes going into VCRs as you all check ;-),
> and the famed Stegosaurus (which *was* misspelled in the movie) isn't
> on this unit.  I suspect the unit on display was made up for the
> exhibit.

OK, you should have seen this coming. _Tyrannosaurus rex_ appears on the flask
in the movie (hmm, oddly enough with the species name - how odd, hmm),
_Stegosaurus_ is spelt _Stegasaurus_. _Baryonx_, or any misspelling, gets no
mention, but _Proceratosaurus_, not in the movie either, does. Now here's a very
interesting bit: I, and at least 3 dino-pals (Olshevskiism again) recall seeing
_Microceratops_ on a flask in the film. I'm not too sure of this, but bare in
mind I saw the film in the cinema.. err... several times. On vid, it's not
there, but Paul Duncan (major movie buff) tells me that frames are often edited
for vid presentation, especially when transmogrified from widescreen cinema.

> right behind Wankel sit three computers, two of which allow users to
> play around with Microsoft's Dinosaur program, 

The CD-rom Microsoft Dinosaurs? Like the one I won in the DinoSoc raffle? Flaunt
flaunt.. (a fix? Honestly Nigel, you're just jealous).

"Reeeeelax Flanders, all ya gotta do is sit back, and let the current take ya..
back... to land"